What is mission for us?

Talking about mission in our congregation, we can say that “the mission” is not only addressed to the sisters who have been sent or have worked outside her own country, but it is addressed to all of us – as Sisters of Our Lady, who have an open spirit to accept, to serve and see others as sisters and brothers wherever we are sent.

In our Constitutions, the missionary spirit of Sisters of Our Lady clearly states that we acknowledge the dignity of others who are created in the image of God.
“Along the way we want to become sisters to one another and to commit ourselves to a new society, in which human beings will be recognized as sisters and brothers.”(cf. Constitutions p. 23 paragraph 2)

Looking back at the historical journey of the beginning of our Congregation and its development until now, we can delve into and discover the heritage of the missionary spirit of our forerunners; the movement which encouraged them to have a mission in the Netherlands by dedicating their lives completely, to leave their families, to leave behind the comfort of life and finally to spread out to Norway, Indonesia, Malawi, Brazil and the Philippines.

Hopefully the missionary spirit of our forerunners can inspire us to continue the life and mission of the congregation, wherever we live at this moment.
For the next generations, hopefully the heritage and exemplary missionary spirit of our forerunners, will become a torch in responding to the current situation.

“All of us are dedicated to the mission of our congregation. Those most fully active may know that they are supported, carried and inspired by those who are no longer directly involved in this work, due to illness, old age or any other reason.”
 (Constitution, p. 73 no.3)